Among the services we offer is DPC (Damp Proof Course) Clearance. “But what is it?, we’re often asked!

Damp Proof Course Clearing

The DPC is a water proof barrier fitted when the property is being built, a few bricks up off ground level to stop dampness seeping up from the ground and finding it’s way into the property.

So far so good. But there are two possible issues that can stop the DPC doing it’s job.

If the ground level outside the house builds up, over the DPC it can ‘bridge’ it, allowing water/dampness to find a way over and potentially in to the home.

We often see this problem when new paving has been laid on top of existing. It can be quite easily rectified by removing slabs, soil etc to below the course itself.

If there is cavity wall insulation it’s worth getting a boroscopic check done to make sure it hasn’t become wet. If it has it is unlikely to dry – there is no air flow in a cavity – it may need to be removed.

The second reason a DPC can fail is due to what is found in the cavity itself.

Wet insulation will obviously cause a problem but even if there is no insulation debris can be found sitting in the cavity itself surprisingly often.

We have cleared thousands over the years and have found many things such as sand, old bricks, old wasps nests, soil, slates, tiles and all manner of rubbish.

Once this has been thoroughly cleared the property can begin to dry naturally (usually takes two – three months) and the cavity can once again do it’s job – keeping rain and damp on the outside!

We offer a DPC Clearance as well as insulation removal, pointing and StormDry services.

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