We’re often asked exactly how we remove insulation without having to take down the entire outside wall!

The way we do it is relatively simple once you have the right machinery. We use a boroscope to look inside the cavity to assess the type of fill and exactly how damp it is.

Often there is also debris, rubble and general rubbish at the bottom of the cavity left over from when the property was built. Occasionally, you find other items such as birds’ nests as well. These all need to be removed to prevent dampness entering the home.

We then set about removing a number of bricks at ground level and attaching an industrial vacuum to this area. Simply switching it on will not remove the insulation. It needs to be agitated into the machine and we do this by way of small holes drilled in the mortar between the bricks and using compressed air to move the insulation towards the vacuum.

This needs to be done in a very specific way. And, once we have removed all the insulation, we use the borer scope again to check everything is removed and, if necessary, continue with the extraction process until it is completely cleared.

All debris is safely bagged up as soon as it is removed. We use industrial bags that can hold up to 25kg each and often we will remove dozens of these bags from the property. We have a waste carriers’ license which means we don’t need skips or other trades to visit the site. We can remove all debris and rubbish ourselves.

Once completed, the bricks are replaced and matched in with mortar and all holes are filled. We prove a full guarantee on the works which can be insurance backed if required.

Interested in finding out more? Take a look at our page on Checkatrade at www.checkatrade.com/CavitechUk.

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