Have a cosy Christmas - Our top tips to stay warmer for less

So far we have been lucky to have had fairly mild temperatures this winter although instead of icy blasts, many have suffered with high winds, heavy rain and even flooding. With gas and electricity costs through the roof (pun intended – you really should insulate that loft!), it is more important than ever to look for ways to save money, keep the house cosier and do your bit to slow climate change.

So here are some tips to help – they won’t cost a lot, will save you ££s and can be done really easily too.

1. Open curtains when its sunny to warm your home with solar energy but as soon as its dusk, pull them closed to retain hear and stop draughts. If the curtains are floor length, try to arrange them so they don’t cover a radiator that are often below the window.
2. Look for draughts. Seal up cracks around doors and windows and even the letterbox. Don’t block airbricks though, they are there for a reason.
3. Bake! Cooking doesn’t just create a nice meal, it will also warm your home.
4. Check if the loft is insulated. It should be deep too, many homes insulated years ago don’t meet modern standards. Insulation is cheap to buy and quite easy to lay so you’ll get your expenses back in no time.
5. Turn down radiators in rooms you don’t use and turn them up in rooms you do.
6. Make sure your boiler is serviced and working efficiently (you’ll need a professional to do this).
7. Move furniture away from radiators.
8. Put down rugs on bare wood or tiled floors.

If you have any more tips please feel free to share – we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t forget, here at Cavitech we can help with insulation, cavity wall extraction and many others things to help keep you warmer for less this winter.

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Have a cosy Christmas – our top tips to stay warmer for less