‘Eco friendly’ and ‘energy efficient’ are buzz words for property buyers and sellers. An increasing number of people are wanting to buy an energy efficient home and one of the easiest ways to help your home ‘go green’ is to install really good loft insulation or improve the insulation you already have. Not only will good insulation make your home much more energy efficient, it will help reduce the amount of CO² emission through the roof. Good loft insulation will definitely be a plus for when you come to sell and in the meantime, your family can enjoy greater comfort, while you enjoy reduced fuel bills. It’s a win-win situation!

Statistics to impress
Installing good loft insulation is one of the easiest DIY jobs there is as the mineral wool insulating material is sold in huge rolls and is simply rolled out between the roof joists (horizontal beams) and cut to size. A second layer is then laid over the first layer, at right angles to the first, so that the joists are all covered. The recommended thickness for the insulation is 270mm. It is a job that you can undertake, but if you prefer, a specialist company such as Cavitech UK will complete the job quickly and efficiently. Cavitech UK specialises in both the removal and installation of loft insulation.

Energy Savings Trust states that 25% of heat loss in a house is through the roof and that installing efficient insulation will pay for itself over and over again. Loft insulation made from fibreglass or mineral wool should last about 40 years, but it can get flattened or damaged if heavy items are stored on top of it. The most common problem is that loft insulation in an older house is often not thick enough to be really effective, but this is easily put right.
Lofts are easy to insulate; the only time that there could be a problem is when there is damp or condensation in the loft. If you have this problem, get in touch with professionals who can soon rectify the problem.
How much does it cost?

The price of loft installation does vary depending on the size of your house but Which? In a recent article stated that the cost for a three-bedroomed semi-detached house would be about £400 and the financial outlay would be recovered in two years from money saved on heating bills.

In the same article in Which? it was found that the average annual saving on the fuel bill is £215 for houses that had previously had no loft insulation. This is a really sound investment and you will recoup the money in no time and your home will be noticeably warmer! If you are planning to increase the amount of loft insulation you have, you will still reap the financial benefit of smaller fuel bills, but the difference will not be so dramatic!
Any important points to remember

Whilst you are planning to install or upgrade your loft insulation, it is important to remember that the temperature in your loft above the layers of insulation will be noticeably colder. This is because you will no longer be losing heat through your attic like you did before. This will mean that water pipes and tanks will get colder than they previously did, so it is important to ensure that they are effectively insulated too.

What other improvements add value to your home?
Maybe you are reading this with interest as you are considering putting your property on the market to take advantage of the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty Holiday, which was recently extended until 30 September 2021. Spring is traditionally the best time to sell your home as you are likely to get the best price for it, so you will need to ‘get your skates on’!
Energy-efficient homes will certainly command a better price, so it could well be advantageous to have cavity wall insulation installed as well. This is a surprisingly easy job. A specialist company will come and make holes in your outside walls at regular intervals through which the insulating foam is forced – the work can be completed on an average-size house in half a day.
Improving the look of your home from the pavement will certainly pay dividends. It is amazing the transformation that can be achieved by a fresh coat of paint, a tidy garden and some colourful seasonal plants! Gardens have definitely become a higher priority since the year of lockdown, so give your back garden a good makeover too. Ensure that hedges look well-trimmed and the lawn is cut. If you have an alfresco dining area – emphasise it, as these are very popular with house buyers!

Inside, have a really thorough ‘de-clutter session’ and spring clean in every room. Any brightly coloured or damaged walls should be re-painted in a neutral colour to make them look good or plump for a trending shade of grey. If you have an area that you can easily convert into a designated home office, do so because working from home is likely to become ‘the new normal’. Consequently, home offices are high on many house buyers’ ‘wish lists’.

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