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Choosing any product or service can these days be, how can we say… a little daunting.

The power of the internet has given us so many ways to make our decision it can be almost overwhelming. Example: Google ‘buy new kettle’ and you’ll get over 73 million results!

Rather than checking each one we increasingly rely on the advice of strangers using (hopefully) independent and verified reviews from people who have bought the product or used the service. It takes a bit of practice but pretty quickly it gets quite easy to build a picture of the product and its pros and cons.

According to Trustpilot, one of the largest review companies out there, 89% of people now read a review before making a decision.

Here at Cavitech we were lucky enough to see quite early on how important reviews were and would become in the future. The best review website for trades like ours was and still is, Checkatrade as it is especially designed for builders, plumbers, decorators and even cavity wall insulation extraction firms like us. As well as reviews, Checkatrade check we have the correct insurances and run the business properly, additional peace of mind that other review sites don’t offer.

We joined back in 2014 and to date have nearly 300 reviews – all independently checked and verified by Checkatrade. We have no influence over what people decide to write, other than the standard of our work. We have a little way to go yet, but at the time of writing, we have an average rating of 9.8/10 for quote accuracy and workmanship and 9.9/10 for courtesy from out 300 valued reviewers.

To see all of the feedback you can look here https://www.checkatrade.com/trades/CavitechUk or if you are a customer, you can leave a review here too.

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