If you have arranged for the cavity walls in your property to be cleared of insulation, it is likely you’ve had a problem with it such as allowing dampness to enter your home or creating an issue with condensation.

Many of the people we visit are, in short, completely fed up with it and will never re-insulate the walls of their home. Instead they prefer to leave the cavities clear as originally intended when the house was built to avoid a similar problem.

However, it is thought that about 30% of heat loss escapes from the walls and a typical household with cavity walls saves up to £150 a year in heating bills from insulation (source: energysavingtrust.org.uk).

It is therefore a matter of individual choice as to whether the property is re-insulated. But at Cavitech, we suggest a period of at least 3 months after extraction to allow the property to dry before insulation is reconsidered.

We offer a service to speed up this drying process to just a matter of a few days by introducing air movers to the cavity which dries them out far quicker. This will then cure dampness caused by the insulation and mean the property can be redecorated and, if required, re-insulated much more quickly.

The Benefits:
– On average, £150 saving every year
– A warmer, cosier home
– Environmental benefits

The Negatives:
– Installation may lead to further problems with damp
– Potential cost of removal

To find out more, or discuss re-insulating your home, contact us on 01903 331 578 or email info@cavitech-uk.com

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