Most homeowners believe insulation works only in the winter season as it helps to keep their home warmer. While that is true, the actual purpose of insulation is to slow down the movement of heat from one space to another. This means that during the summer insulation will prevent your home from getting overheated too.

How does insulation function?
To understand the use of insulation in both winter and summer season, let’s take a look at how it functions…

Cavity wall insulation – such as fiberglass, beads or wool – traps little pockets of air within the material structure of the wall. We all know that air is a good insulator and when it gets trapped, it provides insulation. Since the process is about preventing the transfer of heat, it doesn’t matter whether the temperature outside is cold or warm. In both cases the warm air is not going to pass the barrier – and that is why insulation works in both seasons.

How can insulation work best in summer?
There are few useful tips which you can follow to ensure cool air stays inside your home during in summer.

– Circulation of air is very important. During the night, open the windows and allow your home to cool
– This is an unconventional method – and you need to have a fan – but try putting some ice water, or normal water, under the fan. The water will cool the air above which will be circulated by the fan. Remember to turn off all non-essential electrical items though!
– During the daytime try to keep the heat out by using curtains or blinds at the windows

To work effectively insulation needs to be dry and well installed i.e. covering every possible space.

If you have any cold rooms, damp areas or condensation it could be a sign that the insulation is damp – we can quickly and easily check it for you and provide a free report. If it needs to be removed, we can do this too.

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Insulation is important in the summer too!