Do you have damp cavity wall insulation?

Think the insulation in your property might be damp but aren’t sure? If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, there is a strong possibility that it could be. You would certainly benefit from further investigation being carried out.

We offer free site inspections and a full report, as required. So, if in doubt, get us out!

– Do you have cold spots in your property?
– Is there condensation on your windows?
– Do you have damp patches on your walls?
– Is mold growth on your walls inside the property, especially behind items of furniture or clothing?
– Have your heating bills increased?
– Are there cracks on the outside of the property?
– Has there been recent flooding or heavy rain in the area?
– Was your home built after 1925?

Answered yes to two our more of these questions, or just concerned about damp cavity wall insulation in your property? Call us on 01903 331 578 for a no obligation chat.

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Is the insulation in your property damp?