With millions of people just coming out after a long period of lock down we now know, perhaps better than ever just how much we value our home as not only a place to rest, to garden to feel safe, but also a place that is literally safe, protecting us against the unknowable threat of a new virus.

Granted, nobody’s home is perfect – maybe the WiFi was glitchy or after a few weeks in, you realised working from home with your laptop balanced on a pile of books wasn’t exactly ideal. Some people have decided to make a move, to get a bigger home office or a garden they can continue to practise newly acquired horticultural skills. But for most of us, home is home. A place where we’re happy to be.

And now it might be time to repay the favour and take a look at your property to see if it now needs some TLC.

With lots of dry weather lately it’s a great time to spot any cracks to rendering or bricks and pointing (the cement that is between each brick). If you spot any cracks and gaps that shouldn’t be there it could cause further problems.

Rain can find it’s way in and either soak any insulation that’s in the cavity wall, or simply soak through on to the inside of your property. Take extra care to check where possible behind shrubs or plants like ivy that grow against the house, their roots and branches might have found a crack to secure to and will now be making it worse.

If you’re concerned or unable to check for yourself, just get in touch. Our teams work across the UK and can drop by to take a look. And you don’t need to worry about social distancing as repairs are all carried out from the outside and we have appropriate PPE.

Get in touch for a quick chat and book in a free estimate to get your home secure and dry for the months and years ahead.

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