Ensuring that your home is weather proof is as important as locking the main door of your house. One single day of bad weather can create havoc in your life. Unwanted water and dampness can have detrimental effects on your property, especially if it is built with untreated brick or concrete or even stone. Therefore, it is vital that you take preventive measures before you land up in such a situation.

Stormdry is one such product that can stop the water from penetrating into your walls and keep them damp proof. Dampness makes your house walls cold from inside and during winters it can worsen the situation since wet walls lose more heat than the dry walls. To overcome the cold, you will have to switch on heating devices for longer periods which results in higher energy bills.

It has been proven that homes that have used Stormdry have had significant savings on their energy bills. This breathable, colourless, water-repellent treatment for stone, brick, and concrete walls is available in the form of deep penetrating cream. It is applied to the surface of the wall with the help of a brush or a roller.

Once the Stormdry cream permeates deep inside the walls, it protects against rain water penetration and improves the thermal resistance of the masonry as it keeps the walls dry. Another advantage of using Stormdry is that it also helps in protecting the cavity wall insulation thus improving its performance. It can also be used to increase the flood resistance of the building material as part of a flood resilience system.

Diagram of completed work

Stormdry is made up of siloxanes and silanes which lines the pores of the building material and forms a silicone matrix which is water-repellent. It doesn’t block the pores and allows the building material to breathe. Also, there is no chance of it getting damaged due to frost. The deep penetration feature and its unique formulation make it resistant to UV light or any other form of degradation, thus increasing its life span. Also, it can be applied safely even on freshly painted walls without any repercussions.

The Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream has been granted certification by the British Board of Agrement which confirms that a single coat of Stormdry cream can last up to 25 years. Therefore, Stormdry is an ideal way to stop dampness affecting your home without increasing the risk of material decay and trapped moisture.

Unfortunately not all homes are suitable for Stormdry application. For free information and a survey simply get in touch.

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