Long summer evenings, bright mornings, being woken by the dawn chorus and even the prospect of a cheeky barbecue mean that we are approaching the best part of the best of all seasons, Summer!

Sunlight Forest

We wouldn’t blame you for not considering the cold dark nights, wet and windy weather, ice and snow that seem so far away. And frankly, we don’t think that you should think about it too much except for one thing (and then we promise we’ll you go back to enjoying the Summer while it lasts!).

As the saying goes the best time to fix your roof is when the sun is shining.

The same goes for cavity wall clearance which can often miraculously seem to be cured as the warm weather approaches.

We open windows more in Summer which allows any dampness or condensation caused by wet cavity insulation to disperse. The sun warms the walls which can draw the moisture outward rather than inward. And so suddenly all of those problems that have been so apparent over the Winter; cold spots, condensation water running down windows, unexplained mould on the inside of walls, all of these seems to have magically gone.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t and in a few months time when the evenings start to draw in, it will soon become apparent again.

So, what do we suggest?

Well, we offer free estimates and surveys. So the first thing you could do is to get us along to see whether we are able to solve the problem for you. If you decide to go ahead, we will quickly and cleanly extract defective damp, old, wet insulation giving your home the entire Summer to dry out naturally.

You can then choose whether you want to refill the insulation ready for Winter or not.

We also offer a range of products such as StormDry which when applied to your property can reduce your Winter fill bill by up to 29%. The product has 25-year durability and is approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA). It repels water like a duck’s back as well as retaining more of your valuable heat within the property hence the saving of cost.

So just before you head off to the beach, why not give us a quick call to arrange a free survey to get your home cosy for Winter in plenty of time?

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