Cavitech Working on a building to remove cavity wall insulation

Here at Cavitech We Often Get Asked Exactly What It Is We Do!


You see, although we are in the ‘construction industry’ what we actually do is still a bit ‘under the radar’ for lots of homeowners.

We began nearly a decade ago determined to provide an easy to use service for homeowners struggling to find a proper, long-term solution for dampness.

At the time, many owners, landlords and even surveyors often attributed acute dampness in property to lifestyle/condensation or to roof or pipe leaks and so mould and dampness would continue untreated because nobody thought to check the cavity wall insulation.

A sponge-like material, cavity insulation does a great job of retaining heat in the home. But also much like a sponge, if it becomes wet, it will not easily (or ever) dry out. An affected home will be colder, have mould or wet spots on walls and not be environmentally efficient. It’s also well documented that damp homes contribute to ill health.

When Cavitech began we offered just one service to homeowners. We’d arrive, assess the problem and if required, remove all of the bad, wet insulation.

Over the first few years our teams travelled from our base in Worthing, West Sussex across England, Wales and Scotland to get properties dry again. We added some other, connected services to what we do including StormDry application (this forms a protective shield on bricks to help retain heat and repel water), pointing repairs (this helps stop rain getting in and means insulation can be replaced in the cavities) and most recently, wall-tie replacement.

We expanded quite rapidly between 2016 and 2019 and as well as continuing to work for homeowners across the UK, we also now carry out work for housebuilders, housing associations, The NHS, The MOD, schools, factories and large management firms.

We hope that in the new year, we’ll be doing even more. And we love what we do.

Ask any of our teams what the best part of the job is and chances are, you’ll get one answer…

“Extracting old, wet insulation from someone’s home and seeing how happy they are that after years of problems, they have finally got the cause of dampness eliminated once and for all.”

For more information on what we do, simply call the office for a chat on 01903 331 578 for as much help and advice as you need.

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