At Cavitech, we’re trusted contractors, serving both homes and businesses with a strong commitment to top-quality service. Our approval by CHAS is a testament to our dedication to safety and excellence in our work. We specialise in insulation, excelling not only in installing efficient new insulation but also in the removal of old, faulty insulation. Our services are available nationwide, and for those in Wiltshire, our dedicated team is nearby, ready to provide top-notch solutions for your insulation needs. When you choose Cavitech, your property is in capable and experienced hands.

Cavity Wall Insulation Inspection in Wiltshire

In Wiltshire, we often assist clients dealing with penetrating damp issues. This can result from saturated cavity wall insulation bridging gaps or misdiagnosed issues with failed insulation. Misidentifying these problems can lead to costly damp-proof course injections. We’ve also encountered cases where damp patches on walls at higher levels are wrongly attributed to damaged wall ties. To pinpoint the exact cause of damp problems in your home, we recommend a survey report. Our non-invasive procedure involves a skilled inspector drilling a small hole and using small cameras to inspect the cavity. The resulting report offers a comprehensive overview of our findings and suggestions to address the issue effectively.

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal in Wiltshire

Cavitech excels in removing insulation from cavity walls in Wiltshire and across the UK. Our expert teams, well-versed in local regulations, use specialised tools and extensive training to ensure a careful job. With years of experience, we’ve successfully extracted insulation from both residential and commercial properties, making us a trusted choice for insulation solutions in the area.

Installing New Cavity Wall Insulation in Wiltshire

In addition to removal, we provide installation services for new insulation in and around Wiltshire. Our industry recognition is based on our excellent work and use of high-quality insulation beads. This type of insulation is blown into walls, effectively filling the entire space, eliminating cold areas, and reducing waste. Its durability, even in wet conditions, makes it a wise choice for keeping homes, businesses, and factories in Wiltshire cosy and efficient.”

Geographical problems:

Wiltshire’s geographical location, situated in the heart of England, brings with it a unique set of challenges when it comes to damp and cavity wall insulation issues in homes. While Wiltshire enjoys a generally temperate climate, its proximity to rivers and occasional heavy rainfall can create conditions conducive to damp problems, particularly in older properties. The combination of moisture from the rivers and infrequent but heavy rainfalls may result in increased risks of damp issues, affecting both comfort and property value. Proper insulation, particularly cavity wall insulation, becomes essential to shield homes from temperature fluctuations and potential dampness in such conditions. Local experts like Cavitech offer valuable services to address insulation and damp concerns, providing residents with a reliable resource to ensure the long-term comfort and value of their homes.

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