Cavity Wall Work in West Berkshire

At Cavitech, we take great pride in being trusted contractors for homes and businesses, committed to delivering the highest level of service. We are delighted to be approved by CHAS, demonstrating our dedication to safety and excellence in our work. Our expertise lies in insulation, where we specialise not only in fitting new, efficient insulation but also in the removal of old or faulty insulation. Our services are available across the country, and if you’re in the West Berkshire area, our dedicated team is conveniently situated to provide top-quality solutions for all your insulation needs. With Cavitech, you can trust that your property is in safe and experienced hands.

Assessing Cavity Wall Insulation in West Berkshire

In West Berkshire and the surrounding areas, we frequently encounter clients dealing with issues related to penetrating damp. This problem can occur due to saturated cavity wall insulation creating a bridge. There are also instances of insulation failure, which, when it settles at the cavity’s base, can sometimes be mistakenly diagnosed as a damp issue. This can lead to unnecessary, costly damp-proof course injections, where the insulation is, in fact, the culprit. Additionally, we come across properties with damp patches higher up on walls. These patches may result from external factors allowing water to enter the cavity wall insulation and affect the interior wall. Regrettably, this issue is sometimes incorrectly attributed to damaged wall ties, leading to concerns about damp. To accurately identify the cause of damp problems in your home, we strongly recommend a survey report. This non-invasive procedure involves a skilled inspector drilling a small hole and using small cameras to inspect the cavity. The report provides a comprehensive overview of our findings during the inspection and our recommendations to resolve the issue, ensuring you receive the best solution to your problem.

Removing Cavity Wall Insulation in West Berkshire

Cavitech is highly skilled at removing insulation from cavity walls in West Berkshire and throughout the UK. Our teams are experts due to extensive training and a thorough understanding of local regulations. They employ specialised tools to ensure the job is performed carefully. In West Berkshire, we have a long history of carrying out this work with ample experience in residential and commercial properties. So, when you require insulation removal, you can trust us to do it correctly, whether it’s for structural repairs or other issues. We handle insulation removal with the utmost care, preserving the structure and exterior of your building. With years of experience, our West Berkshire team has successfully extracted insulation from both residential and commercial properties, establishing us as the trusted choice for insulation solutions in the area.

Installing New Cavity Wall Insulation in West Berkshire

In addition to insulation removal, we also install new insulation in walls in and around West Berkshire. We are well-regarded in the industry for delivering high-quality work and using top-notch insulation materials. This type of insulation is injected into the walls, effectively filling the entire space. It maintains warmth without any cold spots, minimises waste, and is easy to install. Furthermore, it exhibits remarkable durability, even in wet conditions, making it a smart choice for homes, businesses, or large factories in West Berkshire to ensure warmth and efficiency.

West Berkshire Location

West Berkshire‘s location has a big impact on damp issues in houses and businesses. It’s in the Thames Valley, so the weather is fairly mild with quite a bit of rain all year. Being near the River Thames means there’s more moisture in the air, which can cause dampness. The land is a bit hilly, and this can make water drain unevenly, increasing the chance of water getting into buildings.

Older buildings in West Berkshire might have more damp issues because they were built a long time ago and might not have the same waterproofing as modern ones. The hills can also make water pool around buildings, which can lead to dampness. To deal with these location-related challenges, people in West Berkshire should make sure their homes and businesses have good insulation and get regular checks to prevent or fix damp problems.

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