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At Cavitech, we are the leading experts in Cavity Wall Insulation & Removal, serving the West Sussex region with a stellar track record of excellence. Our commitment to quality, coupled with over two decades of experience, sets us apart as a name you can trust for all your Cavity Wall Insulation needs. We are proud to be approved across many accredited trade bodies and all our work is backed by a solid guarantee.

Our West Sussex Cavity Wall Insulation Team

Our dedicated team of professionals in West Sussex specializes in Cavity Wall Insulation Installation and Removal, catering to both residential and commercial properties. We understand the importance of maintaining a well-insulated home or workplace. Our highly skilled experts are equipped with the knowledge and dedication necessary to handle the entire process, from inspection to installation and removal.

Cavity Wall Insulation Surveyor West Sussex

person looking at a buiuldings wallIn the UK, many homeowners face issues like Penetrating Damp, often stemming from improperly installed cavity wall insulation. Without a proper inspection, costly injection DPCs are frequently recommended as a solution, masking the underlying issue of saturated insulation. We also encounter instances of external defects allowing water to infiltrate the cavity wall insulation, leading to misdiagnoses. To address these problems, we recommend a non-intrusive survey and inspection conducted by our cavity wall experts. This process involves a small, discreet hole drilled to inspect the cavity with specialized cameras, offering a clear understanding of its condition. Following the inspection, a comprehensive report is provided, detailing the findings and unbiased recommendations for rectification.

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Our insulation removal teams are highly trained and adhere to the strict guidelines set by regulators and local authorities in West Sussex. Utilizing specialized tools and equipment, our West Sussex Cavity Wall Insulation removal team can efficiently extract damaged or compromised insulation without impacting your property’s structure or exterior walls. With a wealth of experience in removing insulation from both residential and commercial properties, we ensure the highest standards of service.

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers

In addition to removal services, Cavitech is a leader in Cavity Wall Insulation installations throughout West Sussex. We are widely regarded in the industry for delivering exceptional service and installing high-performance, injected-blown bead insulation systems. This insulation offers superior cavity wall insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It provides complete cavity fill, eliminating cold spots and minimizing waste, all while being easy to install. Furthermore, this insulation is exceptionally durable, water-resistant, and rot-proof, making it the premier choice for insulation solutions.

About West Sussex

West Sussex, a county in the south of England, is bordered by East Sussex to the east, Hampshire to the west, and Surrey to the north. It offers picturesque landscapes and a rich history, with Chichester as its county town and sole city. Key towns in West Sussex include Crawley, Worthing, and Horsham. The county boasts a blend of natural beauty and urban development, making it a prime location for both residents and businesses. It has many areas marked as areas of outstanding natural beauty.  There are estimated to be nearly 900,000 people living in West Sussex

Cavitech is here to serve the insulation needs of West Sussex, ensuring your properties remain energy-efficient and comfortable. Contact us today for the expertise you can trust.

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