Cavity Wall installation and removal – Worthing area

At Cavitech, we take pride in being trusted domestic and commercial contractors with a commitment to the highest standards of service. We’re proud to be approved by CHAS, a mark of our dedication to safety and excellence in our work. We are members of many leading industry associations – just see our homepage for more. Our expertise lies in insulation, where we excel at not only installing new, efficient insulation but also in the removal of old and faulty insulation. We offer our services nationwide and, if you’re in the Worthing area, our dedicated team is right nearby to provide you with top-quality solutions for all your insulation needs. With Cavitech, your property will be in safe and experienced hands.

Cavity wall insulation assessment  in Worthing

person looking at a buiuldings wall In the Worthing area, we often encounter clients facing issues related to penetrating damp. This situation can arise from cavity wall insulation that has become saturated and bridged the gap. There’s also the case of failed insulation, which, when it falls to the bottom of the cavity, is sometimes misdiagnosed as a damp problem. This can lead to unnecessary, expensive damp-proof course injection, where the insulation is the culprit.

We’ve also seen properties where walls show damp patches at higher levels. These patches might be caused by external factors allowing water to penetrate the cavity wall insulation and affect the interior wall. Unfortunately, this issue is sometimes incorrectly attributed to damaged wall ties, resulting in damp-related concerns.

To accurately figure out the cause of any damp issues in your home, we highly recommend a survey report. This non-intrusive procedure involves a skilled inspector drilling a small hole and using small cameras to inspect the cavity. The report will give you a complete overview of what we found during the inspection and our suggestions to fix the issue, making sure we give you the best solution to your problem.


Removing cavity wall insulation in Worthing

In Worthing and all over the UK, Cavitech is really good at removing insulation from cavity walls. Our teams are experts because they’ve had lots of training, and they know all the local rules and guidelines. They use special tools to do the job carefully. In Worthing, we’ve done this for a long time and have lots of experience working on homes and businesses. So, when you need insulation removed, you can trust us to do it right. Whether it’s due to structural repairs or other issues, we handle insulation removal with utmost care, ensuring your building’s structure and exterior remain undisturbed. With years of experience, our Worthing team has successfully extracted insulation from both residential and commercial properties, making us your trusted choice for insulation solutions in the area.

Installing new cavity wall insulation in Worthing

In addition to removing insulation, we also put new insulation into walls in and around Worthing. People in our industry recognise us for doing a really good job and for using high-quality insulation beads. This type of insulation is blown into the walls, and it works well. It fills the whole space, so there are no cold areas, no waste, and it’s easy to put in. It also lasts a long time, doesn’t get ruined by water, and is great for keeping buildings warm. Whether it’s a home, a business, or a big factory, this insulation is a smart choice to save money on heating.

Worthing and potential geographical issues:

Worthing, situated on the sunny south coast of England, enjoys a temperate climate with an abundance of sunshine, making it an appealing place to call home. However, the proximity to the sea poses a risk of damp issues, particularly in older properties, where moisture can infiltrate due to salt-laden sea air and occasional heavy rain. Residents of Worthing understand the significance of effective insulation in combating potential damp problems and ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. Cavity wall insulation, for example, plays a vital role in shielding homes from temperature fluctuations and potential dampness. Local experts like Cavitech offer services to address insulation and damp concerns, making them a valuable resource for Worthing’s residents. By investing in proper insulation, residents can relish the beautiful Worthing weather while safeguarding their homes from potential damp issues, ensuring long-term comfort and property value.


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