Mould and damp in property

The Liverpool Echo have just reported that tenants are soon to be given new rights to challenge landlords if their home isn’t up to scratch.

The new law, due to come in to effect in March 2019 will allow tenants to sue landlords to force them to improve rented property. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act will allow tenants to go to court to get essential works like damp proofing, mould removal and wet cavity insulation removal done. Compensation for tenants will also be available.

But how do you define ‘unfit for living’?

Well it will include issues such as being too hot or cold, asbestos, noise or lighting problems and importantly, damp. Housing organisation Shelter welcome the legislation. It is thought that there are about 1 million homes rented in the UK that pose a serious risk to 2.5 million people.

We asked our very own Aydin for a comment about the new legislation. “Anything that will help people get a healthy home has to be welcomed.” He said. “I visit hundreds of homes a year and see the misery caused by mould and dampness which in turn is caused by bad or wet insulation in the walls. If landlords are ignoring the issue things can get much worse.”

You can read the full article here;

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