So many headlines in the last few weeks have been about the cost of living crisis that is already hitting millions of householders and come April ’22 will really start to be felt by everybody. That’s when the energy price cap changes and many of us will see our bills rise by around 54% overnight. For an average 3 bed semi in the UK that adds about £10 a week to the heating bill. Add in higher taxes, fuel and food prices and its easy to see why many will struggle to pay the bills.

As an insulation company, we’ve seen enquires shoot up as people rush to beat the squeeze by insulating lofts and cavity walls which could knock around £300 a year of their bills. And that’s great, within a few years the cost of the installation will pay for itself and from day one the home will be quicker to heat, warmer and cosier.

But insulation isn’t an option for many people. Some just can’t afford it. Others might be renting their home. Other people might be thinking about moving so wouldn’t see the longer term benefits of professional insulation.

But there are many tricks you can do cheaply to keep warmer and save precious pounds. We’ve put together a few to help – but every home is different so look around your own property and make the improvements now. The earlier you do them, the sooner you will begin to save on those heating bills!

So here are some of our favourites to get you going

  • Letterbox. Add a brush cover to stop draughts getting in
  • Draught-proof any gaps around doors and windows
  • Open curtains in the day and close at night – sounds silly but during the day even winter sun will warm the rooms and at night, curtains will retain the heat
  • Fit thermostatic controls to your radiators and turn them down in rooms you don’t use often
  • If you have a Day and Night rate meter, consider setting some appliances to work in the evening when rates are cheaper.
  • Got any old fashioned bulbs? Change them for LEDs to save £100’s a year
  • Unplug appliances rather than leaving them in standby mode
  • Turn the heating thermostat down 1c to save over £6 a month
  • Compare energy quotes – you could be on a high tariff
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature and dry them outside rather than tumble drying

What are your favourite energy saving tips – we’d love to hear. We’ll send a household pack of energy price hike-busting LED bulbs to our favourite.

Post your tip in the comments section.

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